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k20 honda type r JDM Tuning opened its doors in 2003 to meet a need for Honda enthusiasts in the Johannesburg area looking for performance upgrades on their vehicles. We started off small, focusing on servicing and minor performance upgrades at first. Our first project car was my CRX which I drove standard for about a year. The first upgrade to the CRX was a 75hp shot of NOS on the D16A9 motor. At the time CRX's were kind of rare on the roads, and everybody wanted a go at it! Nevertheless almost all failed! It then became obvious to upgrade the engine to a more modern version and I decided to use Honda's B-series engine/drive train. This all eventually ended up in becoming the quickest normally aspirated full body road going Honda in the country. The CRX held numerous class records at various events including SABAT top end runs, held at Wesbank raceway. (Undefeated in class for almost two consecutive years). The CRX was our main advert, appearing every Wednesday evening at illegal-to-legal events held at Wesbank raceway and building a huge fan base as the "little car with a BIG heart". Defeating much more powerful cars like BMW M3's, Subaru STI's and some other turbo charged cars. The CRX was also featured in the SPEED & SOUND magazine...

Then came turbo's!
A very good friend and client of mine, Andrew, wanted to build the ultimate daily driven street Civic in South Africa. After some careful planning, we decided on building a Turbo B20 for his Civic. This car ended up being featured in SPEED & SOUND magazine earning great reviews.
After the success with Andrews car, I also had to have a boosted Civic and I started developing a bolt-on kit for a stock B16A, which also ended up being powerful and reliable. Boasting 180kw OTW at a modest 0.8bar, the black civic ran like this for almost a year,with my girlfriend behind the wheel, owning almost everything she raced, when I decided to upgrade to a B20 turbo motor. The black Civic was also featured in the SPEED & SOUND magazine...

k20 honda type rThen there was the K-series
JDM Tuning is the first company in South Africa to do a full K-series swap into a daily driven Honda. The project is currently still under construction... (see project cars).

JDM Tuning now specializes in B18, B20 and Turbo upgrades for Honda Civic and Ballade owners in South Africa, be it daily driven commuters or full blown meth burning race cars. We also do Turbo upgrades on D & H-series motors, as well as the odd Toyota 4AGE models, and offer a full service option on all Japanese cars...
To date there are around 50 or so JDM Tuning built B18/20 Civics prowling the streets of South Africa, Namibia & Mozambique each ruling its own roost and claiming victory for the Honda brand.